—— Fly your dream in Soly
   1. We are always taking care abour everyone’s grow up, providing  internal and outernal trainings and job rotation, to help eveyone to show his/her best.
   2. We provide double promotion channels with administration and technical grade, which giving all people wide professional space.
   3. We provide lots of trainings,  full walfare and salary, more professional opportunities, and colorful spare time activities.

Sales Representation

Job Description

1、Follow senior chief, to responsible to sales in specified area
2、Work with enthusizasm and initiative, politely and fair.
3、Market aduit and develop potential area and clients.
4、Accroding to company’s arrangement to make out the plan for market, travel and sales.
5、Monitor the market and competetors and submit the info in time.
6、Make a good plan about the parteners according the detailed market, also strengthen the quality of relationship net.
7、Implement company’s sales policy, and optimize them with market’s feedback.
8、Gather marketing’s info, find the maket’s character and extentison. Provide these info to the relative departments for reference.
9、Have the info of domestic exhibitions, and present the exhibiton with company’s plan. Try best to set up the cooperation with new clients and develop new areas.
10、Keep learning and improvement.
11、Keep the professional ethics, keep the confidential info
12、Complete the missions from your chief.

Job Requirements

1、college equal or above, more than 3 years work experience.
2、With honesty, and good at communication, understand and effecting, also good at sourc integration.
3、Good at thinking, with opean brain and logicaly, Full of emotion to work and good at opeartion and promotion.

Sales Assistant

Job Description

1、 Involved in market audit and analysis.
2、 provide reliable info for price policy and market plan.
3、 All info’s gathering and control.
4、 sign the sale contract with customers.
5、 Set up and maintain the good relationship with customers.
6、 Responsible to all  statistics and analys about sales, which is for operation and performance tracking.
7、 Responsible to customer credit audit, for fiance security.
8、 Provide good receiption for visitors.
9、 Communicate with finace department to check all payment and unpayment, according to the contracts.
10、 Record all sales and maintain the records.
11、 Cooperation with other department to handover all works, implement the annual operation plan.
12、 Responsible to buidl up and optimize  the SOP and KPI.

Job Requirement

1、College equial or above, 2~3 years’s experience
2、Good at team work and communication, specially cross fuction cooperation.
3、Have good service sence and can work with more pressure.

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