The performance of Ptfe Insulation Sleeve, characteristics and technical parameters

The performance of Ptfe Insulation Sleeve, characteristics and technical parameters

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Ptfe Insulation Sleeve casing is white opaque, main pipe, hose, pipe lining tube, weaving enhanced tube, etc. PTFE casing has excellent high and low temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance, and can carry up to 260 ℃ temperature of the liquid or gas, and high chemical purity, the most suitable for the continuous working temperature of the wide range of requirements. PTFE casing excellent electric properties also make it become the most appropriate materials, electronics, electrical field is mainly used for electrical insulating sheath, chemical transport, heat exchanger, medical urinary catheter and with vascular bypass surgery.

A, the performance of PTFE casing:

1, excellent corrosion resistance

Able to withstand in addition to molten alkali metals, fluoride medium and higher than 300 ℃ all the strong acid sodium hydroxide (including aqua regia), strong oxidizer, reductant, and effect of various kinds of organic solvents.

2, strong insulation resistance

Is not affected by environment and frequency, the volume resistance of 1018 ohms? Cm, small dielectric loss, wear high voltage.

3, excellent high and low temperature resistance

On the influence of temperature change is not big, WenYu range, can use temperature to 190 ℃ and + 260 ℃.

4, the unique self lubrication

Has the smallest friction coefficient in plastic, is the ideal material of oil free.

5, prominent surface is not sticky

Known cannot adhesion on the surface of solid materials, is a kind of can minimum the surface of the solid material.

6, excellent weathering resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability

Long-term exposure to the atmosphere, surface and performance remains the same. Valuable incombustible - limit oxygen index below 90.

Second, the characteristics of PTFE sleeving

1, nonflammable, excellent electrical properties (do not change with frequency and temperature change).

2, excellent mechanical properties, seismic elastic.

3, no ageing problems.

4, wide temperature scope of use: - 200 - + 250 degrees.

5, resistance to all kinds of corrosive chemicals.

6, anti adhesion properties.

7, low friction coefficient.

8, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet light.

Of the specifications of the three, PTFE sleeving

Product code product specifications packaging specifications (M/PK)

Inside diameter (MM) (MM) diameter wall thickness (MM)

GT - 0038-0230.380.840.2330

GT - 0056-0150.560.860.1530

GT - 0056-0250.561.060.2530

GT - 0056-0300.561.060.3030

GT - 0071-0300.711.310.3030

GT - 0086-0410.861.680.4130

GT - 0097-0300.971.570.3030

GT - 0101-0301.011.610.3030

GT - 0101-0411.011.830.4130

GT - 0135-0151.351.650.1530

GT - 0150-0301.502.100.3030

GT - 160-0801.603.200.8030

GT - 0216-0412.162.980.4130

GT - 0338-0383.384.140.3830

GT - 0400-0104.004.200.1030

GT - 0472-0514.725.740.5130

GT - 0594-0385.946.700.3830

GT - 0594-0515.946.960.5130