The advantages and disadvantages of heat shrinkable film label

The advantages and disadvantages of heat shrinkable film label

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Heat Shrink Tube is a kind of using special ink printing on plastic film or plastic film label. In the process of labeling, when heat shrink labels will quickly along the container ocean shipping contraction, close to the surface in the container.

1. The advantages of heat shrinkable label packaging

(1) heat shrinkable packaging can packing general method to special-shaped products, if the height, meat and poultry, aquatic products, toys, small tools, electronic products, etc.

(2) heat shrinkable film transparency is high, so the label bright color, good gloss.

(3) heat shrinkable film contraction after close to goods, packing compact and can show product outward appearance modelling, the packaging of goods after beautiful.

(4) heat shrinkable film can provide 360 - degree all-round adornment to packaging container, and product description such as commodity information can be printed on the label, make consumers don't have to open the packaging will be able to understand the performance of the product.

(5) shrink film wear-resisting performance is good, but also has high strength, to ensure that support the weight of the contents. Printing belong to film in the printing (graphic on the film set term), can protect the imprinting, and label wear-resisting performance is better.

(6) heat shrinkable packaging has good sealing, moistureproof, anti-fouling, anti-rust effect, can prolong the shelf life of food, facilitate storage, easy to open piled up, save the warehouse.

(7) heat shrinkable packaging technology and equipment is simple, good heat sealing, tag label do not need to use the glue.

(8) heat shrinkable packaging also can use shrink packing method to the huge volume of products, such as rowing and cars, shrink film itself has good slow; Neutral and toughness, can prevent the damage due to vibration and impact during the process of product, transportation can no longer use other packaging materials, packaging low cost, the cost is lower than the non-drying label, etc.

(9) now packaging container shape is unique, individualizing design increasingly, heat shrinkable film label can clearly show the surface contour packaging container.

(10) low solvent residue, the residue solvent will remain at about 5 mg/m2, far less than other printing way.

(11) heat shrinkable film as a label to save forest resources, reduce costs, health, easy to use.

2. The shortcoming of heat shrinkable film label

(1) to consider the image of shrinkage rate and the shrinkable film shrinkage rate, can accurately reproduce.

(2) used in heat shrinkable film label printing ink must also have certain shrinkage rate, to accurately represent the graphic.

(3) due to the heat shrinkable film labels in the printing process must go through contraction, and bar code can only be read accurately reproduce, so must go through strict design and printing quality control. Otherwise the pattern after the contraction deformation will cause the bar code quality is not qualified or unable to read.

(4) most of the heat shrinkable film printing eligibility is not very good, the need for pretreatment before printing.