About the Fuse and the Current Fuse block matching selection problem

About the Fuse and the Current Fuse block matching selection problem

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Recently there are several clients fuse and fuse holder matching selection problem error concept, regarding the matching selection of listed several matters needing attention are as follows:

1, we usually say the fuse current (labeled current) refers to the rated current, the fuse that is working in the electrical flow fuse is can work continuously more than 4 hours not fuse.

2, fuse blocks marked current and the rated current of the fuse blocks under the normal use of the environment, that can hold no greater than the fuse holder is current of the fuse.

3, fuse holder, marked by the current value is backwards compatible, that is to say as long as the rated current of the fuse is not more than the fuse holder's current can be installed to the fuse holder.

4, about the fuse and fuse holder certification matching problem, where possible, try to choose consistent certification, product to commonly: americas direction choosing UL, CSA certification European direction VDE CE certification; About certification standards of China CCC/CQC compared with European standard.

5, usually if the customer use only a fuse of the PCB board installation clip (belong to product of hardware components) can not provide the fuse clip safety certification, only need to provide the fuse of the certification.

6, select the Current of the Fuse holder also need to pay attention to when the Fuse holder certification voltage, some Fuse with 10 a Fuse is his withstand voltage is 250 v, when 15 a Fuse his withstand voltage is 125 v.