The use and management of supermarket Thief Proof Label

The use and management of supermarket Thief Proof Label

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Supermarket Thief Proof Label the use and management of the feed: on the premise of no damage to the goods, as far as possible through the seams of commodities such as unimportant position, if not, on the premise of do not affect beautiful and try can use rope and accessories.

The use and management of supermarket anti-theft tag

A. The use of soft label

Soft label is suitable for the market value is higher, smaller and theft rates higher commodity. There are black, white and three types of bar code.

The soft label placement principle:

1) soft label stick on the packaging of goods must keep tabs of straight, not curved fold. Arc products, such as bottles of cosmetics, wine and cleaning products can be in surface, vertical paste.

2) cannot be printed on the label on the goods or packaging important words and information, such as commodity composition, usage, bar code, the warning message and production date, etc.

3) no damage to the goods, under the premise that does not affect sales, packaging don't damage as much as possible.

4) labels don't stick on the packing and magnetic metal goods, such as metal packaging cans of milk powder is a treasure, a fisherman, tape, CD, etc.

5) for some high-grade handicraft or gifts such as under the premise that does not affect the anti-theft effect and demagnetization, try to place the label inside the goods, in order to do not affect beautiful.

6) label does not influence the quality of the goods, can't put labels on food and liquid cleaning products.

7) in order to facilitate the degaussing, tags placed inside the goods, shall be a sign of a common reference, ensure within 5 cm degaussing plate.

8) surfaces of label viscous when that didn't work, should not paste label.

9) tags used the viscous strong does not glue, so you can't stick on the surface of leather products.

10) loss prevention department close cooperation, at any time the ratio of transformation and labels.

2. The use of hard tags

Without damage to the goods, as far as possible through the seams of commodities such as unimportant position, if not, on the premise of do not affect beautiful and try can use rope and accessories, the same kind of goods in the same location, anti-theft tag should not play in the place where easy to fall off.

The use of the label

1) soft and hard tags and locks should be kept by the security tag team member, tag deposit concealed can't afford to waste. Really keep the locks, locks can't lend the anti-theft tag team member, department and security department recipients to complete the registration from of recipients, timely attention to the number of labels, such as found deficiencies in a timely manner to fill order.

3. Specific content security tag team work

1) received for goods eas label.

2) to find the right place to pile up. Such as near the anti-theft tag team workstation or its location. Food and smoke can't long-term pile up and to do a good job of moisture.

3) the general classification. Used different labels, such as goods of different departments.

4) tag on commodities "to play eas label".

(5) security label goods reference standard slightly security department to provide)

6) department take notice. If not removed in time shall be indicated in the commodity "security label has been posted to take" and stay goods segregated, to prevent confusion.

More than 7) anti-theft tags (hard) goods, have relevant situation, anti-theft tag team supervision, demolished by department colleagues.

4. The confidentiality of the work

Anti-theft tag team is working on the adhesive labels, to protect goods. If everyone know, and how to dismantle all the tags, it lost its due utility. So should let a few people know, as far as possible to avoid or answer questions in simple language of colleagues and customers. There can be other personnel in and out of the security tag team workstations. Need to fill goods should be get a workstation or playing in the customer, under the circumstances of less minimize the wastage of the goods due to theft.

Note: anti-theft tag team is in addition to the security department, another key departments control the loss of goods. Anti-theft tag team is less, but it plays an important role, and in the workplace more joined-up minimize the wastage of the products.