Mobile phone batteries commonly used circuit protection components

Mobile phone batteries commonly used circuit protection components

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We talked about in front of the mobile phone charger, now let's talk on the phone's battery commonly used circuit protection components, generally speaking, there are three kinds: current fuse, temperature fuse and recoverable fuse, Current Fuse adopt different elements reflect the different protection requirements and design concept.

Current fuse is mainly used for short circuit protection:

Protection principle is once the battery short circuit occurs, large over-current quickly broke the normal work of the thermal equilibrium, instantly melt temperature to the material melting point, can disconnect the circuit, so as to achieve the function of security and protection. An advantage of using the current fuse protection in rapidly and completely cut off the circuit, fusing features of high accuracy, whether it is charging, use or standby, as long as any part of the short circuit is quick action. But it is sensitive to current only, did not respond to external temperature.

Temperature fuse is mainly used for overheating protection:

Protection principle is low melting alloy melt once encountered more than allowed when the temperature of the melt, so as to cut off the circuit to achieve the safety protection function. An advantage of using the temperature fuse protection is that the melt is sensitive to internal and external temperature, especially when the cell phone in high temperature environment or other reasons for too high temperature will be action, but for current caused by temperature is relatively slow response, low precision, reliability and no current fuse is so high.

Recoverable fuse is mainly used to overcharge protection:.

Protection principle is the use of the positive temperature coefficient of resistance PTC material properties and characteristics of the Curie point mutations, which is in any reason (including overcurrent and environment) caused by temperature rise will cause material resistance increase, as once rose to the Curie point resistance becomes large enough, switch off the charging current, to achieve security and protection function. An advantage of using the thermistor protection is that its response to the current and temperature are, when the battery overcharge can timely limited current, defect is slower response time, shut off when there are small leakage current, high reliability was not enough.

Recoverable fuse or positive temperature coefficient thermistor, also known as the recovery fuse, but since the recovery of functions in the protection of the mobile phone battery is not necessary, especially over current circuit failure cause, if the failure didn't rule out and PTC since recovered, and meaningless for practical applications.

Our phone will use battery, also according to the above for the selection of the battery protection mode for the right to choose.