Why current fuse broken?

Why current fuse broken?

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Building cars craft level is now high, supposedly vehicle circuit is also the beginning of the design even before they go out after a detailed experiment should be no problem, but why the Current vehicle Fuse

Will be broken? Based on our knowledge consulting service and modified experts, the current vehicle fuse broken will divided into two situations: one is to use electrical load is too large; Second, cars have short circuit in the circuit.

With the main reason for the electrical load is too large, disorderly change headlights, car audio equipment, used inferior cigarette lighter adapter and high-power electric cigarette lighter, etc. So here to remind you the owner before the car circuit changes, should understand the original cars with electrical power and the maximum load, the headlights wattage is higher than the original factory setting of the modified, for example, it is possible to cause the lamp Current Fuse broken.

If the car has been the Current appliances without any changes in the phenomenon of the Fuse is broken, you need to check the car line is short circuit. On the daily maintenance, without water pipe directly flush the engine compartment is to avoid the good habit of fuse box and short circuit; Also can through the visual observing whether there is a wire rubber aging bare wire short circuit; In addition to the car wash, also should pay attention to avoid touching buried in the floor of the wire.