The application range of the Thief Proof Label

The application range of the Thief Proof Label

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Thief Proof Label packing: wheat head tag, letters, packaging, transport of goods, postal parcels, envelope address labels.

: cell phone inside tags, various kinds of electrical appliances, electrical appliances, laptop, tag, mechanical and electrical products.

Commodity: price tags, product labels, shelf labels, bar code label, drugs label.

Management: book tag, car inspection tags, security tags, property.

Office: file documents tag, archives preservation, all kinds of goods and stationery.

Production: marked on raw materials, processed products, finished product tag, inventory management.

Material marking, gasoline engine oil, chemical industry, paint product packaging labeling of solvent and various special products.

Other: anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption, tags, security tags.

, jewelry, jewelry tag label, tag label is not easy to paste in goods.

, clothing, clothing tag, washing label.

Airport: boarding pass and baggage tag.

Tickets: train tickets, long-distance bus ticket.

Other: votes, highway toll parking lot.