Cable Tie

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SOLY provide professional Cable Tie, Plastic Cable Tie, Metal Cable Tie price information. Has passed iso9001: quality management system certification, all products through the ROHS, UL, VDE, CSA, CQC, CE certification. Tel: 86-0512-66672918.
According to the installation place, the Cable Tie is divided into indoor type and outdoor type two kinds.
According to the production installation materials can be divided into hot shrinkage type (one of the most commonly used), the dry bag and epoxy resin casting and cold type.
Can be divided by line core materials copper power cable and aluminum core power cable.
According to the joint material divided into plastic cable joint and metal cable joint. Metal cable joint is divided into porous metal cable waterproof connector, prevent bending metal cable joint, double locking metal cable waterproof connector, plastic hose cable joint, metal hose, cable connectors, etc.